CDC Creates a New Division of Violence Prevention

CDC-Logo.jpgIn a new section on violence prevention, the CDC (The Center for Disease Control) offers a concise assessment of school violence prevention methods. The CDC treats school violence as a public health problem in order to provide prevention approaches. Like any other public health problem, school violence can be prevented before it starts. The organization argues that a prevention approach “[s]tands in contrast to commonly used prevention strategies, such as metal detectors and other security measures, for which there is insufficient data to determine their benefits and some evidence to suggest that they may negatively impact students’ perceptions of safety.”

The CDC offers three areas of concentration that can help reduce school violence: individual level strategies, relationship local strategies, and community level strategies. The document is a must read for school officials and school research officers.

To read this document on the CDC’s recommendations for School Violence Prevention, click this link.

Written by Dr. Paul Privateer

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