UNESCO Sets International Sights on Stopping School Violence

unescoStopping Violence in Schools: a Guide for Teachers arguably represents one of the most comprehensive approaches to reducing school violence. It takes an international approach in examining various forms of violence that take place in schools and offers practical suggestions as to what school administrators can do to prevent violence. The report comes up with ten action area proposals. Each provides specific examples that teachers can adapt to address and prevent violence. Moreover, the report offers excerpts of “International Standard-Setting Instruments and Normative Frameworks,” followed by a list of links to online resources for stopping violence in schools.

stopschlviolIn its section entitled “10 Actions to Stop Violence in School,” it is reported that some of the basic actions proposed can immediately begin to be implemented in the classroom in the form of constructive discipline rather than corporal punishment. Most of these actions require greater levels of involvement from school staff in the community, such as implementing school safety mechanisms. The activities proposed are particularly effective because they aim at assisting students in creating and maintaining more harmonious interactions with their fellow students and teachers. The writers of the report include that they do not think any of the proposed action areas constitute a panacea for the prevention of violence. Rather, action areas “serve to help develop a nonviolent school culture, and they should be adapted to every school environment by means of the continuous dialogue between teachers and students as well as the school principal, guidance counselors, community leaders and parent associations.”

Written by Dr. Paul Privateer


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