How Mental Health Affects Youth

According to an article highlighting adolescent mental health on, about one in four to five youths meet the criteria to be diagnosed with a mental health disorder. Various factors include economic backgrounds and race.

Mental health challenges can greatly affect any child’s ability to properly navigate his or her life and realize the potential he or she may have. Research shows that suicide is the third leading cause of death in young adults ranging from ages 10 to 24. In a 2008 survey of high school students researchers discovered that 13.8 percent of students had seriously considered suicide while 6.3 percent of students attempted suicide at least once within that calendar year.

These studies also show how mental health disorders can affect a young person’s family and academic life. In such cases, youth are often pointed out as a cause of family distress which can have a negative impact on parent and sibling relationships because parents oftentimes don’t have the proper tools to help their children. In school, youth who suffer from mental health disorders are more likely to be absent, missing as many as 18 to 22 days in a single school year—this leads to more problems as those students are more likely to receive failing grades.

Despite all of the facts, it’s possible to promote positive mental health by educating students, parents, and administrators about the cause and effects of mental disorders and  supporting any and every child who may be in need.


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