School-To-Prison Pipeline System and Zero Tolerance Policy

by Nusrat Zeba

What is the School-to-Prison Pipeline System?

A major problem has been occurring across the nation that has been pushing students out of school, which is the school-to-prison pipeline system that mostly targets black students. According to the ACLU, the School-to-Prison Pipeline is system placed in schools which pushes students (particularly minorities, especially black students) into prisons based on the ‘zero tolerance policy.  


What is the Zero Tolerance Policy?

The Zero Tolerance Policy practiced by schools not only holds students back from their studies but also causes incarceration of various students of color across the United States. This policy  suspends, expels and outright locks up students in jails for minor misdemeanors like carrying pills (even Advil), wearing chains, chewing gum, to carrying guns. The policy has mostly affected students of color. (Definition derived from Mental Health America).



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