NSV Highlight on: CDC Study Shows Higher Rate of Violence to LGBTQ Youth

by Sean Hedden

On August 12th, 2016, the Center for Disease Control released a study entitled, Sexual Identity, Sex of Sexual Contacts, and Health-Related Behaviors Among Students in Grades 9-12 – United States and Selected Sites, 2015. Multiple news sources, including The New York Times, have reported how this first nationwide, comprehensive study shows how LGBTQ youth are suffering from higher rates of many health risks including violence. The New York Times article states that LGBTQ teens are “at far greater risk for depression, bullying and many types of violence than their straight peers.” This study will help schools understand who are more at risk for violence, what is happening to these young people, and how to prevent future incidents.

The Sexual Identity study is one in many studies released by the CDC’s Division of Adolescent and School Health (DASH), where they have created the Youth Risk Behavior Surveillance Systems (YRBSS). The YRBSS informs the public by compiling data about youth drug & alcohol use, sexual behaviors, and health issues including violence.


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