NSV Highlight on: Center for the Study and Prevention of Violence

by Sean Hedden

The Center for the Study and Prevention of Violence (CSPV) is a program that intends to “bridge the gap between research and practice to ensure that the best that is known from prevention science gets into the hands of those who need it most.” The CSPV is a part of the University of Colorado’s (Boulder) Institute of Behavioral Science. Professional research assistants come to together using multidisciplinary approaches to solving violent and delinquent behaviors.

A recent $5.9 million grant was given to the CSPV to help prevent youth violence in Denver’s Montbello and Northeast Park Hill neighborhoods. As reported, this grant will combine “researchers, practitioners and community partners as they implement and evaluate a community-level prevention system that delivers community- and policy-level youth violence prevention strategies.” This grant will support Steps to Success, one of three initiatives implemented by the CSPV,  a program dedicated to reduce violence in Denver’s Montbello neighborhood.

A second initiative by CSPV is Blueprints for Healthy Youth Development, a program using research or “evidence-based prevention and intervention programs” to reduce “antisocial behavior and promoting a healthy course of youth development.” And finally, Safe Communities: Safe Schools is an initiative committed to using CSPV’s evidence-based program to keep schools safe and preventing violence.

For more information, check out CSPV’s website right here.


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