NSV Highlight on: Law Center to Prevent Gun Violence

by Sean Hedden

The Law Center to Prevent Gun Violence provides legal assistance with State and Federal gun laws. According to their website, the “Law Center tracks and analyzes firearms legislation in all 50 states, files amicus briefs in critical Second Amendment cases across the country, and works with lawmakers and advocates to craft and promote legislation that will reduce gun violence and save lives.” But they also provide information that helps save lives.

The Law Center publishes a Gun Law Trendwatch, an online newsletter providing the public with information on what lawmakers are doing about gun violence. They also provide toolkits, like the Commonsense Solutions Toolkit on Protecting Kids from Unintended Shootings, that gives our community commonsense solutions to preventing gun violence.

Moreover, they offer real data about gun violence. Our readers might be interested in Statistics on Youth Gun Violence & Gun Access. This short brief gives a truthful perspective of the dangers American youth have with guns. In our cause to prevent youth and school violence, we are grateful for organizations like the Law Center to Prevent Gun Violence and their mission to reduce violence.


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