NSV Highlight on: Combatting Youth Violence in American Cities: Programs and Partnerships in 30 Cities

by Sean Hedden

The recently published Combatting Youth Violence in American Cities: Programs and Partnerships in 30 Cities shares insights from mayors of major cities in the United States on how they are working to curb youth violence. This document can be helpful for community leaders and school officials looking for solutions on preventing youth violence in their community.

From some of the largest metropolitans like Los Angeles and Houston to smaller cities like Madison, Wisconsin and Durham, North Carolina, the U.S. Conference of Mayors partnered with  COPS (the Office of Community Oriented Policing Services, U.S Dept. of Justice) to share various approaches on curbing youth violence. Baltimore, MD’s Mayor Stephanie Rawlings shares their information on The High-Risk Youth Prevention and Enforcement (HYPE) Coalition, which has helped reduce burglaries by 9 percent and robberies by 17 percent citywide.  While Dotham, Alabama’s Mayor Mike Schmitz explains how they are developing a mentorship program “that will place young men who are at the greatest risk of violence or incarceration” with community members.

What this document shows is that communities have different ideas and implementations on how to stop youth and school violence, but data and research is essential for all communities to understand how to identify and prevent violence. With collaboration, we at NSV believe children can one day be safe from violence.


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