NSV Highlight on: Cyberbullying Research Center

by Sean Hedden

The Cyberbullying Research Center gives the public excellent resources, information, graphics, and data on how technology is used as a tool for bullying and teen violence. Dr Justin W. Patchin and Dr. Sameer Hinduja, two expert researchers, launched Cyberbullying.org in 2005 “as a means to further their mission of bringing sound research about cyberbullying to those who can benefit most from it.”

This site provides resources including Cell Phone Safety: Top Ten Tips for KidsSexting: Advice for Teens, and Digital Citizenship Activities for Educators. There are also fun handouts, like crosswords and word searches, that parents and teachers can use to teach internet safety. Moreover, they have an interactive map that shows Bullying Laws Across America, which can be helpful if a parent or educator wants to know the legal rights a child has in their state.

That’s not all! They provide definitions of bullying & cyberbullying, facts & statistics, journal articles, and evidence-based research from other countries. Plus, community advocates and educators can use presentations provided on their website to teach others about the dangers of cyberbullying.

NoSchoolViolence.org supports the work of Dr. Hinduja and Dr. Patchin . Please check out the Cyberbullying Research Center, and see how their work is keeping our kids safe!



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