NSV Highlight on: National Center for Mental Health and Juvenile Justice

by Sean Hedden

A national organization “aimed at improving policy and practice for youth with mental, substance use and trauma-related conditions . . . who have come in contact with the juvenile justice system” is the National Center for Mental Health and Juvenile Justice. The NCMHJJ uses big data in order to understand the needs of at-risk youth with behavioral health needs, while persuading lawmakers to improve services and public policy.

.The NCMHJJ offers diversion programs that “address the underlying causes of illegal behavior without drawing youth deeper into the juvenile justice system.”   Here the Center can provide research, strategic planning, and targeted technical assistance to help counselors and educators understand and apply evidence-based approaches to changing the lives of troubled youth. They also feature topics directed to schools and substance abuse issues, each feature contains a wealth of resource documents that detail research data and prevention strategies.

For our readers of The NSV Blog and supporters of NoSchoolViolence.org, NCMHJJ is operated by Policy Research, Inc, a for-profit organization. This article is intended as a resource to those looking for solutions to youth violence and does not accept contributions from referrals to this organization.

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