NSV Highlight on: Educator School Safety Network

by Sean Hedden

Educators are dedicated to providing knowledge and insight to young people, guiding them to be successful, productive citizens. None of this would be possible if students became victims of violence in the classroom. That’s why organizations like The Educators School Safety Network (ESSN) are vital to giving educators, students, and parents the resources, knowledge, and skills to make schools a safer place.

ESSN is composed of experts who conduct conferences and training to teachers and students across the United States on subjects ranging from Lockdown Alternatives and Enhancement, Threat Assessment Management, and Bomb Threat Management. They also offer Parent Reunification Training, in the case of procedures to reunify students with their parents after a crisis. Plus, they  offer an Online Lockdown Course that complies with FEMA and Dept. of Education guidelines. The ESSN website provides further resources and links to news stories and interviews ESSN experts have been a part of. NoSchoolViolence.org supports the efforts of these experts who dedicate their lives to keeping kids safe in the classrooms. For more information, check out ECCN’s website today!



































































































































































































































































































































































































































































































































































































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