Jamel Hudson Meets With Glen Cove High School

Jamel Hudson, a professional “edutainer” who seeks to educate students across the country through entertainment, recently visited Glen Cove High School in New York. According to an article on the Glen Cove Patch, he talked to the students about the different types of bullying while also dancing and singing to the crowd of students. He sang songs such as “What are you trying to prove?” and “It’s a new day” in order to tell the students that they should be confident in who they are and that each of them are talented. Hudson told the students that bullies put down others because they had yet to discover their own talents.

He also informed the students about bullying such as workplace bullying and cyberbullying, and told them that they could battle bullying using the acronym REAL, which stands for Respect, Education, Acceptance, and Leadership. Hudson reminded the students to speak out when they see bullying as well.

More information about Jamel Hudson and what he does can be found at his website at jamelhudson.com.
Source  from: http://patch.com/new-york/glencove/glen-cove-students-get-real-bullying

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