New Study Links Childhood Bullying With Chronic Disease in Adulthood

by Dylan Buckley

A new study conducted by researchers from the healthcare company Mayo Clinic has discovered that those who have been bullied throughout their childhood have higher chances of developing chronic health problems when they become adults.

The diseases that bullying victims are likely to suffer from include diabetes, heart disease, and depression. Bullying victims are susceptible to these diseases because of something known as allostatic load. Allostatic load is essentially the total damage that chronic stress has on your body over time. It can affect hormonal, inflammatory, and metabolic responses.

A researcher for Mayo Clinic, Susannah J. Tye, had this to say about the study:

“Bullying, as a form of chronic social stress, may have significant health consequences if not addressed early. When an individual is exposed to brief periods of stress, the body can often effectively cope with the challenge and recover back to baseline. Yet, with chronic stress, this recovery process may not have ample opportunity to occur, and allostatic load can build to a point of overload. In such states of allostatic load, physiological processes critical to health and well-being can be negatively impacted.”

For more information regarding the study conducted by Mayo Clinic, the study can be found at the Harvard Review of Psychiatry website.

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