Texas School Under Fire for Giving Offensive “Awards” to Students

by Brittany Weekley

Lance Corporal Anthony Aguirre Junior High School in Houston, Texas has made the news for giving out offensive awards to students. Parents were shocked when their children returned home from school to find that their child had won an award at school, but not just any award. These awards included, “Most likely to blend in with white people”, “Most likely to become homeless in Guatemala”, and “Most likely to become a terrorist”.

One could easily forgive the school if the awards were given in good fun, but most of the students who received the awards didn’t find it humorous. Lizeth Villanueva, who received the award “MOST LIKELY TO BECOME A TERRORIST”, stated that she hasn’t been back to school because she “feels uncomfortable.”


The school released a statement saying, “The teachers involved in this matter have been disciplined according to district policy and the incident is still under investigation.” However, Hernandez, Lizeth Villanueva’s mother, wants the teachers fired from the school. Hernandez stated, “I was upset and very mad when I saw the award. I was surprised because my daughter has been doing well in the honors program.” She believes that the teachers’ behavior will continue, so the only solution is termination.




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