About Us

This is the official blog site for NoSchoolViolence.org a national non-profit committed to reducing school violence. We provide schools,therapists, parents, students. communities and researchers with research and data insight tools to decrease bullying, fighting, drug use, sexual harassment, vandalism, gang activities, stealing, and weapons use. We combine research and data science–in the same way the CDC, the Social Security Administration, the FDA, the Institute of Health, and many corporations do–to identify school violence patterns, causes, and the behaviors triggering them. We translate biological, criminal, social, cultural, psychological, gender, and behavioral datasets into new and actionable insights to better understand the complex world of school violence.

NoSchoolViolence.org is a Washington state 501 (c) (3) non profit mental heath organization founded by Dr. Paul Privateer following the tragic suicide of two of his Arizona State University graduate students. He created NoSchoolViolence.org to better understand the mechanics of student violence and to develop new “proactive” intervention strategies. The age of big data and sophisticated data science systems means we are no longer powerless about school violence, unable to discover early signs of the mental and social  issues involved in adolescent conflict.