Jamel Hudson Meets With Glen Cove High School

Jamel Hudson, a professional “edutainer” who seeks to educate students across the country through entertainment, recently visited Glen Cove High School in New York. According to an article on the Glen Cove Patch, he talked to the students about the different types of bullying while also dancing and singing to the crowd of students. He… Continue reading Jamel Hudson Meets With Glen Cove High School

NSV Highlight on: Delete Cyberbullying

Delete Cyberbullying is an organization dedicated to bringing awareness to youth and parents about the dangers of cyberbullying. They hope to “work towards its eradication” by multiple methods. First, they want to inform the public about all things related to cyberbullying by sharing news stories on their website. Next, they have the Petition Against Cyberbullying,… Continue reading NSV Highlight on: Delete Cyberbullying